Sunday, 22 February 2015

Homework on suspense - Kang Zhe

I watched a film called "Black Mirror". It is a series about the life of people in a virtual world, with screens surrounding them. The people have to pedal bicycles (for some reason) in front of a large screen to earn "credits", and use these credits to turn off advertisements and pop-ups. They can also use the credits to do other things like be on a talent show.

The scene with suspense is that the protagonist couldn't take the life like this and in rage, smashed one of the screens, with this glass shard that he holds in his hand. He decides to join a talent show, which is broadcasted to the whole of the virtual world. When he was on stage, he held the glass shard to his neck, and slowly scraped it across his neck, to show his hatred of this world. Blood slowly oozed out from his veins, and at that scene, the camera just stopped there with the blood, and the three judges for the show, looking dazed. The sounds also add to the suspense. Just then, one of the judges, opened his lips, in front of the slow-motion camera, as if something wise was something to come out from his mouth, he said,"Nice gimmick you have there, sir. We want you to be part of our drama channel!"

All that suspense for that ending, although to some people, it may sound anti-climatic, but if you do watch the film, it is, in fact, quite suspenseful.

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