Sunday, 22 February 2015

Homework on Suspense - Kwan Jun Jie


The most recent book I have read which was enjoyable and suspenseful is titled "The Kill Order", which is a prequel to the movie/book titled "The Maze Runner."
The book is set 13 years before "The Maze Runner" and is about some people trying to escape from the solar flares which are hitting earth. The village where the main characters, Alec, Mark and Trina come from is attacked by the Post Flares Coalation, a group of people who are trying to kill everyone else on earth so they get all the resources on earth as earth was running out of resources. The shoot people with darts which contain highly contaigous diseases. Along the way they find a young girl, Deedee, who is immune to the virus. Halfway through the book, Alec and Mark loose Deedee who was accompained by Trina. 
The suspense starts when  Alec and Mark manage to find Deedee with Trina, who has already lost her memory due to the virus. After escaping from the virus-infected village they found Deedee with Trina, Alec and Mark find out that they have also been infected with the deadly virus. Before they go out of their mind, they try to get Deedee to the Flat Trans, the last place on earth which the sun flares have not scorched. In the end, they drop Deedee off at the Flat Trans before Alec, the pilot of the plane crashes all three of them into a building.

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