Monday, 23 February 2015

Homework On Suspense - Wen Xuan

The film that i watched that has a suspense is After Earth

The Story is about a father and son surviving a space shuttle crash onto the planet earth which was inhabitable in that time.They were trying to use a device to transmit the signal that they are here to the main space station but the signal emitting device in their ship has been broken during the crash.
So they had to proceed to another site where a shuttle which have surviving products and the transmitter.The son was then sent on a misson to find that crashed shuttle dud to his father having some issues getting around.After he found the device he had to climb to the top of the mountain to sent the signal but as he was at the top he encountered a creature which wanted to devour him. The suspense was when the boy struggled to escape from the monster the device was hit and it was at the very edge of the mountain.It was then zoomed back onto the boy which soon got out and when he tried to get the device the creature blocked his way. The device was at the edge and the boy struggling to get free.  

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