Saturday, 28 February 2015

My Essay

My Essay        

        Remorse was drowning me as tears trickled down my cheeks. I should have stayed with her in the ward, but why did I leave? It was too late to feel any regret or guilt. Today was the last day I would be seeing her, and she looked extremely pale. Her face wore an emotionless expression.
        Her eyes shut so tightly that it seemed like she was refusing to look me in the eye. I retreated from the box she laid in, still frustrated with myself. I should have listened; glimpses of the events played in my mind.
        "Son, your Grandma is fighting for her last breath, yet you're leaving for the movies?" my mum argued, attempting to knock some sense into that stubborn mind of mine. Adamant on my decision to hang out with my friends, I turned a deaf ear to her advice and stormed out of the ward. It seemed as though there was something holding me back, urging me to stay, but my ignorance could no longer be persuaded. It was a few hours of fun I experienced before an abrupt phone call interrupted everything.
        "Nat, where are you right now?" my mum hollered over the telephone, a sense of strong urgency in her tone. "Your grandma is struggling––" I hung up the call. I ignored every single one of their phone calls from then on till I returned to the hospital. I did not understand how I took my Grandma's company with me for granted. I arrived back at the hospital, still slowly sauntering back to my Grandma's ward. Standing in front of me was a depressing sight of my relatives and family sobbing non-stop. I hoped it was not what I pictured it out to be. I was in denial of reality.
        I dashed towards her hospital bed, shoving aside my relatives. She laid at an angle, motionless. I bellowed out loud, praying that it would shake her from the sleep she was soundly in. Moments passed and I continued standing there, waiting... Waiting for something that was never going to happen.
        This was when I took my parents' advice seriously ––– though it was too late to do so. 

Monday, 23 February 2015

Homework On Suspense - Wen Xuan

The film that i watched that has a suspense is After Earth

The Story is about a father and son surviving a space shuttle crash onto the planet earth which was inhabitable in that time.They were trying to use a device to transmit the signal that they are here to the main space station but the signal emitting device in their ship has been broken during the crash.
So they had to proceed to another site where a shuttle which have surviving products and the transmitter.The son was then sent on a misson to find that crashed shuttle dud to his father having some issues getting around.After he found the device he had to climb to the top of the mountain to sent the signal but as he was at the top he encountered a creature which wanted to devour him. The suspense was when the boy struggled to escape from the monster the device was hit and it was at the very edge of the mountain.It was then zoomed back onto the boy which soon got out and when he tried to get the device the creature blocked his way. The device was at the edge and the boy struggling to get free.  

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Homework on suspense - Kang Zhe

I watched a film called "Black Mirror". It is a series about the life of people in a virtual world, with screens surrounding them. The people have to pedal bicycles (for some reason) in front of a large screen to earn "credits", and use these credits to turn off advertisements and pop-ups. They can also use the credits to do other things like be on a talent show.

The scene with suspense is that the protagonist couldn't take the life like this and in rage, smashed one of the screens, with this glass shard that he holds in his hand. He decides to join a talent show, which is broadcasted to the whole of the virtual world. When he was on stage, he held the glass shard to his neck, and slowly scraped it across his neck, to show his hatred of this world. Blood slowly oozed out from his veins, and at that scene, the camera just stopped there with the blood, and the three judges for the show, looking dazed. The sounds also add to the suspense. Just then, one of the judges, opened his lips, in front of the slow-motion camera, as if something wise was something to come out from his mouth, he said,"Nice gimmick you have there, sir. We want you to be part of our drama channel!"

All that suspense for that ending, although to some people, it may sound anti-climatic, but if you do watch the film, it is, in fact, quite suspenseful.

Homework on Suspense - Kwan Jun Jie


The most recent book I have read which was enjoyable and suspenseful is titled "The Kill Order", which is a prequel to the movie/book titled "The Maze Runner."
The book is set 13 years before "The Maze Runner" and is about some people trying to escape from the solar flares which are hitting earth. The village where the main characters, Alec, Mark and Trina come from is attacked by the Post Flares Coalation, a group of people who are trying to kill everyone else on earth so they get all the resources on earth as earth was running out of resources. The shoot people with darts which contain highly contaigous diseases. Along the way they find a young girl, Deedee, who is immune to the virus. Halfway through the book, Alec and Mark loose Deedee who was accompained by Trina. 
The suspense starts when  Alec and Mark manage to find Deedee with Trina, who has already lost her memory due to the virus. After escaping from the virus-infected village they found Deedee with Trina, Alec and Mark find out that they have also been infected with the deadly virus. Before they go out of their mind, they try to get Deedee to the Flat Trans, the last place on earth which the sun flares have not scorched. In the end, they drop Deedee off at the Flat Trans before Alec, the pilot of the plane crashes all three of them into a building.

Homework on Suspense - Nathaniel

One of the suspenseful movies I recall watching is The Book Thief. The setting is during the time period of World War II, and its plot is about a girl by the name of Liesel Meminger, who enjoys reading so much to the extent that she ends up stealing books. However, the worst part is that she was actually stealing books from the Mayor's wife! 

The more suspenseful moments in the movie are when she nearly gets caught by the Mayor in her attempts to steal more books; and when a Jewish refugee staying with Liesel's family nearly gets spotted by the Nazis as he tried to escape to a safer place. 

These suspenseful moments have made me grown a liking to the movie that I decided to watch it for a second time and even prompted me to hunt for the original book the movie was based off. 

A suspenseful story I have read of

One of the most suspenseful stories I have read of is the book "The circus of adventure" by Enid Blyton. The main characters of the story are 5 children. Jack and Lucy - Ann are siblings who are adopted into the same family as Philip and Dinah (siblings as well). The last child is a most peculiar guest that would later be revealed to be a prince of Tauri-Hessia ( This is a fictitious country, mind you). The most suspenseful part was when after all of the children except for Jack were caught because of some complications in Tauri-Hessia (The reason why the prince was around in the first place). The first suspenseful part was when Jack and his parrot Kiki managed to get to Tauri-Hessia without the people knowing.

The second part was when in Tauri-Hessia, Jack found the rest and rescued them with the circus folk he was  with. The scene is as shown in the picture below. The circus folk devised a plan to walk on the tightrope (They were tightrope walkers) then pull the children over a pulley. But if you don't read the whole book it is pretty hard for you to understand what I am saying.

Homework on suspense- Guan Yu

The suspenseful movie that I watch is The Conjuring. The movie is based on a real life experience of Ed and Lorain Warren with the doll Annabelle which is believed to be haunted. The movie is most suspenseful at the parts where the characters are walking slowly in a quiet hallway with flickering lights. The creepy background music the movie gets louder as the character continues walking down the hallway. It is suspenseful as you would never know when Annabelle will pop out. There are also suspenseful parts where the character is running away from the doll and locked himself in a room at the end of the hallway, fearing the Annabelle my force herself into the room and most probably kill him.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Homework on Suspense - Sandra

The suspenseful movie I have watched is The Hunger Games: Mockingly Part 1. Although I have read the book before I watched the movie, I was constantly on the edge of my seat during the movie. There were many obstacles and we were all anticipating how Katniss (the main character) will solve the problem. I think the most suspenseful part was when a team of people went to save Peeta, who was in the Capitol (the antagonist city). The team of people included her best friend, Gale, which meant that Katniss could lose both Gale and Peeta together. It was very suspenseful when we saw how Katniss was trying to stop the antagonist from finding out that the team was there, and how they reacted when they thought that the team was caught, only to find out that they made it back safely.

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Homework on Suspense

Homework on My suspense storybook/Movie.

 The movie that is suspenseful for me is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Even though I read all the other 5 books,  I felt that this book was an irony and it was so interesting that I could not put my book down. The story is about a boy named Harry Potter who is in his last year of Hogwarts, a wizard school. At the beginning of the year, he forgotten to bring his potion book so he borrowed an old textbook which belonged to the Half-Blood Prince. He did not know who he was but it was someone he knew but in another name. 

 There is also the part where he needs to find a way to defeat Lord Voldermort, an evil wizard who killed his parents, so that he will not take over the world. The last part is a suspense because you did not expect the person who died to die. It leaves a cliff hanger at the end because what must Harry do now. 

P.S: Please read the other 4 books to understand the story.

Homework on Suspense- Ashley

The suspenseful book I have read is "Looking for Alaska" by John Green.
The most suspenseful part would be (spoiler alert) when Alaska passed away in a car crash. She almost forgot about her 8th month anniversary with her boyfriend. Thus she rushed to his house by car although she was drunk. The main character, Miles, had to deal with his emotions after finding out that she passed away the next morning. With his good friend, "Colonel" , they decided to find out how she crashed. They did not know if it was really an accident or she committed suicide. They were also guilty as they did not stop her from going to her boyfriend's house when she was drunk.
They decided to give up on the mystery and come to terms with their loss and move on. They eventually decided to focus on their studies instead.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Homework on Suspense - Sabrina

The suspenseful movie that I have watched is "The Exorcism of Emily Rose". It was about how Emily Rose died during an exorcism and the people involved were called out for a trial. The people involved were defending themselves by telling the story of what had happened to Emily. The suspenseful part was when Emily was alone at night. She would have episodes, where she would feel like she had been taken over by a demon. Those episodes would usually occur at 3 a.m. When those episodes occur, we would not know what would happen to Emily. We would be afraid that she would get injured. When the exorcism was performed, we would not know if the exorcism would be successful or if Emily would survive it. This causes the audience to worry for her safety. The sound effects and the pauses in the movie causes the audience to always be on edge.

Homework for Suspense - Amirul

The suspenseful movie that I have watched is "The Hunger Games" Catching Fire". The suspenseful part would be when the new obstacles are being placed and when Katniss shoots her arrow to the centre dome. When new obstacles are placed, it is suspenseful as we do not know what are the effects of the obstacles such as the gas which poisons the skin cells. When Katniss shoots the arrow, we do not know what the Capitol(the organiser of the games) will do to torture Katniss. I am concerned as since the game is about who will not be killed at the end.

Suspense in a book.

The suspenseful book I had read was "The Shapeshifter: Finding The Fox" by Ali Sparkes. The book builds up with intensity with  suspense and distrust with  Principal Patrick Wood and Dax. The most suspenseful part had to be the climax, where the characters Owen, Dax and the antagonist Principal Patrick Wood were fighting in the office. It was an action-packed scene where a trapdoor to a deep abandoned mine was suddenly opened inside the room and Patrick was shoved into it. The suspenseful part came when the antagonist pulled Dax into the trapdoor with him and Owen tried his best to pull Dax right back up.  The scene makes you concerned whether Dax survives the ordeal or whether the antagonist dies. the author portrays Dax as giving up and almost losing consciousness and this causes the reader to scream internally for Dax to survive this.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015


Journal Prompt: Authors often create suspense by placing characters in various predicaments. Recall a suspenseful book you have read or movie you have watched. What do you think was the most suspenseful part? What caused you to be concerned about what might happen? Knowing that certain danger or exciting events lie ahead creates a feeling of uncertainty - suspense. 

In the movie Annabelle, the scriptwriter uses suspense to build up the intensity of the audience. The audience will be kept on the edge of their seats, anticipating what will happen next. The props and sound effects add up to the story. Pauses make your heart beat faster and make you even want to find out what will happen next. The closing of doors and the "bad guy" appearing behind backs add up to bits of the story. Soft hushed whispers can be heard at the exciting parts to give the spooky and eerie feeling. Overall, the effects of suspension puts the audience in the character's shoe.
P.S. You might not want to watch the trailer as I was spooked even though I had watched   
      the movie before ^^

Homework on Suspense - Yong E-Shean

Suspense and Anticipation
In a book by Enid Blyton, titled “The Mystery Of The Burnt Cottage”, the plot is about a group of teenagers who set out to solve the mystery of a cottage which was burnt down. The suspense comes at the part when the young detectives go on a walk and find a piece of indiscriminating evidence which points to Mr Hicks as the culprit.  However, the village policeman does not believe them.  The suspense comes at a point when the young detectives do not know who to turn to to tell about this find and leaves the reader wondering what will happen next.  The story also makes the reader concerned about what might happen because if the culprit, Mr Hicks, was allowed to go free even though he had committed the crime, this shows that the law was unjust.  This causes the reader to be concerned because most people would want the law to be fair and just towards all.