Saturday, 21 February 2015

Homework on Suspense - Sandra

The suspenseful movie I have watched is The Hunger Games: Mockingly Part 1. Although I have read the book before I watched the movie, I was constantly on the edge of my seat during the movie. There were many obstacles and we were all anticipating how Katniss (the main character) will solve the problem. I think the most suspenseful part was when a team of people went to save Peeta, who was in the Capitol (the antagonist city). The team of people included her best friend, Gale, which meant that Katniss could lose both Gale and Peeta together. It was very suspenseful when we saw how Katniss was trying to stop the antagonist from finding out that the team was there, and how they reacted when they thought that the team was caught, only to find out that they made it back safely.

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