Monday, 27 April 2015

A Time I Perservered And Was Sucessful

When i was in primary school, i was in robotic cca. Since primary 3 when i was first sent to a competition called (NJRC) National Junior Robotics Competition. Three groups were sent from my school and one of the groups got into the finals. ever since i saw them get into the finals, I always worked hard just to try to get into the finals. In my last year to participate in the competition, i finally got into the finals. I was so happy and excited.

A time when I persevered and was succesful

             On a usual Saturday morning, I woke up with a load in my heart. I was as tired as a dog. I had lots of worksheets for the preparation of the PSLE. I trudged to my desk and it was piled with my work of the day by my parents. I thought it was impossible to complete for a moment. The worksheets were a pain to my eyes. Without hesitation, I just had to do my homework or I will not have to bear the load the next day. I just grabbed a pen and started scribbling down the answers on my worksheets in a flash. By the evening, I completed all my work and was satisfied at my accomplishment. I felt like a prisoner that has been free.

A time I persevered and succesful

On 2014, before PSLE, I was really stressed into burring myself into my books of relentless notes, and pages. I was afraid of the thoughts of failing, and tried to burn the midnight oil to work through the night, however when it came to the first exam, I was overcome by fatigue, as my eye reddened in tiredness. The exams came swift as I changed my way of studying. I started STUDYING SMART, NOT STUDYING HARD. After countless practice of my subjects, I finally managed to get though the exams with ease, without a slight issue. I was really thankful that I was able to go though without much problem. This was a time I persevered and succeed, despite the countless of failures at the start.

School Of Science and Technology

A time I persevered and was successful (Revised Edition)

I remembered that I persevered with the workload and revision which I had to complete during my primary school graduation year.  For a couple of months, I was tired mentally and physically and tried very hard to cope with the increasing stress. Everyday my brain would be filled with stress. I felt that I was draining out lots of energy everyday. Since I had that level of commitment and of which my greatest desire which was  to ensure that my parents were proud of me, I worked twice as hard in the upcoming weeks. The day before the first PSLE paper (English Language), I mustered enough energy to go through my whole English file till about 10p.m. That was what I did for the rest of the papers.  Then, finally, on the PSLE results day, I was announced as one of the top and now I have realised that the quote," hard work will pay off" is really true. That was the time I persevered and was successful where there were fruitful rewards.

A Time I Persevered And Was Successful

One time I participated in a 100-m run in my primary school. I got third place in one of the heats and barely made it into the semi-finals. I knew that I was not going to win anything if I run like at this speed for the semi-finals which was a month later. I decided to practice at least four times a week at the track near my house. Everytime I practiced, I would run four rounds around the track before beginning to run 100-m, with a friend who helped me take down my timing. I would train two hours each session and each time I trained, at the end of the day, I would run one last 100m and record it down. I realised that my timing improved every session. On the actual sports day, I made it through the Semi Finals. I proceeded to run the Finals and I won first place. I was very happy and proud that I persevered all the way, resulting in a good achievement.

A Time I Persevered and Was Successful

I had an entire stack of worksheets staring at me in the face. All these work were revision for my upcoming Primary School Leaving Examinations(PSLE). I was stuck, I did not know what to do first, I gripped the pen tightly in my hands with my palms sweating, I started on the first revision paper. I was rushing through my homework, I did not know whether I did it correctly or not, I just did my work. The sound of the pen scratching softly on the paper was significant, I was pressing down hard on my pen. In the end, I managed to finish my work, but the work I produced, the quality I am unsure of.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

A Time I Persevered And Was Successful

There was once I participated in a debating competition against Qi Fa Primary School. The motion was a challenging one and my school was the proposition team. The competition was really challenging as the competitors were very strong. I wanted to give up even after hearing the first speaker only. I persevered and told myself that I can do it. We wrote down notes and "fought back". Before the competition, I attended "Junior-Lexis" and learnt quite a lot from professional debaters. I really enjoy debating and no matter what challenges I face, I will still continue to debate. I think that the challenges do not put me down but push me further to greater heights. I think if we persevere, we can succeed.

A Time I Persevered and was Sucessful

             It was the mad rush. PSLE was almost over but I stilled had Higher Chinese paper left. The temptation to play games and have fun was overwhelming. I was jealous of my other classmates who had already finished their examination and were partying and yet I still had to study for my Higher Chinese examinations but I persevered and studied. In the end I scored a distinction .

A time I persevered and was successful

The time I persevered was when I learnt how to solve a 3x3 Rubik's cube. It may seem impossible, which was exactly what I thought of at first. However, after watching a tutorial and sort of figuring out what the rough idea was, I began. Memorization was the hardest part of the process, I spent 40 minutes, which felt like an eternity. It was like a riot of colours in my brain, mentally juggling all the 54 different stickers and their orientations. Once that was done, everything was significantly easier. Using a set of algorithms, I was able to "move" the pieces around on the cube. After 10 minutes, I took off my blindfold. I felt so, so, accomplished.

I was glad that I persevered.

(i forgot how to solve it now lol)

A time I persevered and was successful

During the Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging period, my CCA teacher told us that only those who practised hard and could dance properly would be selected to participate in the SYF. As I was only a P4 pupil at that time, I wanted to be part of the team that goes for SYF as it would be the first competition that I participated in. My CCA teacher was not going to pick everybody to participate in the SYF. My friends and I were very nervous as we wanted to be selected so badly. We trained a lot ever since the teacher made the announcement. During recess time, we would take at least ten minutes to practise the dance steps. During our CCA training, when our instructor gave us breaks, we would just take a few sips of water and continue practising. Due to our hard work, we finally bared the fruits of our labour. We were selected to be part of the SYF team! Even after we were selected, we never stopped training. Instead of having CCA practice once a week every Monday, we had practice on Wednesday too, making our practices twice a week. All of the dancers persevered and on the day of our SYF performance, we gave our best and put in all of our efforts. A few weeks later, we received our results, we had achieved a Silver for our performance! Although we did not achieve our target of Gold with Honours, we were happy that we at least managed to maintain the Silver achieved from the previous years.

A time I persevered and was successful.

At the end of my P6 year,  my school told the entire Primary 6 cohort that we were going to do a fund-raising fair! The money made would go to TOUCH services as well as St Luke's Eldercare Centre, along with several other organisations. My friends and I grouped up immediately and started thinking of some things we could do and we ended up doing Perler bead crafts. So, every day after school, we would work on the thousands of multicoloured beads, and painstakingly drop them into shapes. Afterwards, our eyes would feel like they were going to explode and our hands would feel like numb, useless balloons.

In the end, we amassed hundreds of crafts for the fair. We were confident of dominating the sales of crafts. Upon  decorating our booth, completing it with banners and displays, stocked with our designs, we came across some terrible news, we had lost a quarter of our crafts! We only had about three days to come up with enough crafts to account for our missing ones. Furthermore, one group member had gone on holiday.

In the end, we persevered and kept making so many crafts that we managed to account for the missing crafts! On the actual day, the painstakingly made crafts were sold out within a few hours. I came up with a last minute "We Are Sold Out" sign as the four of us reveled in our business, bathing in success, passing about a hundred dollars of coupons to our teacher, to her shock and surprise that we actually earned so much money. Here is an example of a design that we based of for a couple of our crafts:

A Time I Persevered And Was Successful

Scrabble Competition 2014

Last year, when I was in Primary 6, it was my last year to be part of my Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) and the last year to participate in the Scrabble Competition for the Primary School Category. For the past few years I had been participating in team events but to no avail. I wanted to participate in individual events but could not make it. Thus, the 3-player event was the only chance for me to win something for my primary school for my CCA.

I trained before the competition; memorised a lot of Scrabble words, learned techniques and some easy bingo words.

During the competition, we managed to came in as 4th position in the Superzonal Category. Despite my teammate losing a lot of times, we persevered and managed to beat a top player from St Hilda's. After this incident, I learnt that if you have the passion and you work hard on it, you can be the top.

A Time I Persevered And Was Successful

In the early years of robotics in my primary school, my dream was to win the regional First Lego League Singapore.

During the first few months of 2014, the school gave me an opportunity to fulfill my long awaited dream. I formed a Team with my friends. We called ourselves "Pencil Bots". We thought it was going to be a breeze as we thought we had a lot of time. However, the truth dawned upon us. We realised we only had three months or so to prepare for the competition. This sparked worries among our group as we thought we could not make it. We thought we did not have enough time.

For the first month or so, we knew time was of the essence. The word "failure" haunted us. We worked very hard to try to make sure our nightmare did not become reality. We persevered and did our best.

At the end of the first month, we found out that we were ahead of time. The nightmare was slowly vanishing and my dream of winning was starting to become a reality.

In the second month a new hurdle appeared. Exams. However, the exams only slowed us down, they did not stop us. We continued to persevere in hopes of being successful.

Seeing the fruit of our hard work from the first month, we continued to persevere. With the everlasting and strong support of our families, friends, and especially teachers, we managed to complete our preparation just in time for the competition.

Time flew by and soon it was time for the annual two-day competition

During the course of the two days during the competition, we did our best and persevered. Even though we made mistakes which lowered our morale, we still did our best.

Even though throughout the whole journey of the competition, the tides turned on us many times, we managed to bypass them.

So you may be wondering, what was our results? Well, the fruit of our labour was that we claimed the title of Champions for the regional competition and qualified for the First Lego Leauge Championships held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada two months later.

A Time I Persevered And Was Successful

During my Primary 6 Camp, I had the opportunity to attempt rock climbing.  I had long dreamt of climbing to the top of a rock wall, but it was easier said than done, as I soon found out.  In the beginning, I breezed past the first ten metres.  However, the higher I went, the more exhausted I began to feel.  Fatigue overtook me as I struggled to carry on.  My legs and arms ached from the stress of my body weight.  I did feel like giving up at times when the fatigue was too much to bear. Furthermore, I was afraid of heights, which made me all the more panicky to be so far away from level ground.  However, I still managed to climb up the wall, inch-by-inch, step-by-step.  My classmates down below also shouted words of encouragement and cheered me on.  After what seemed like eternity, I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I had almost reached the top of the wall!  It was within arm’s reach as I used my last strength of energy to boost myself up.  And I did it!  I had actually managed to climb up the rock wall!  In the end, I was able to turn my long-held dream of climbing to the top of a rock wall into a reality.

Done By: Yong E-Shean

A time I Persevered and Was Successful

The time I persevered and was successful was during my West Zone Girls Basketball Competition.  This was the first basketball competition I participated in. My team was experienced and I was a newbie in that team. I was overwhelmed with nervousness and wanted to go back because the opponents were taller and bigger than me. The opponents were from Kranji Primary School. My team encouraged me and gave me the confidence to face them. During the competition, they were rough and quite good. Even though we lost,  our coach told us that we did better than last year. I feel so good that I persevered.

A time when I persevered and succeeded

Perfecting  my Waltz Jumps

A few months ago, I started figure skating and it was really tough. I didn't immediately become good at it. However, during the few months, I met some amazing people (some of them not in the picture) who guided me through my skating journey.
They taught me how to do some difficult manoeuvres on ice, such as a three turn ad backward crossovers. However, there was an especially difficult move called the Waltz Jump that was extremely difficult to carry out. Almost every time I tried to jump. I would always fall and it was extremely frustrating as I always ended up with bruises and cuts after falling.  No matter how hard I tried to stop falling, I couldn't seem to land properly. After a month of hard work, determination and friends who guided me and helped me up when I fell and supported me (literally) I finally managed to land properly. The first time I carried out a successful waltz jump, my legs ached so much from an hour of skating and my ankle wanted to turn, however, this time, I actually managed to land it properly. 
It felt amazing to finally be able to carry out a Waltz jump, it might not seem much, but perfecting my waltz jump also encouraged me to put more effort into my skating and persevere.

A time when I persevered and was successful.

    I stared at the stack of Mathematics Revision Worksheets. I just could not bring myself to pick up the pen on the table and start writing on the worksheets. My mind was blank and I could not even bare to look at the numbers on the worksheets. Every time I look at the numbers on the worksheet, I went dizzy. Just then, my brothers said they were going out to play football. I thought: If I cannot concentrate and focus on the task at hand, why not join them? I might come back with a different state of mind, a better one.

    "Wait up!" I shouted as I race up the stairs and donned my sportswear in a flash.

    I wore my shoes with unparalleled speed and pick up the ball on the ground. I saw my brothers outside the door waiting for me.

    "Let's go!" I exclaimed in excitement as I dribbled in ball past them.

    We had a whale of a time just playing downstairs at the court. After I came back, I sat down at the dining table and started doing the Mathematics Revision Worksheets with a different state of mind: just finish this stack of worksheets and go to school happily tomorrow! I never left my seat, never looked up and persevered at doing the worksheets. After doing many worksheets, I flipped through the stack of worksheets only to find the mountain of sheets of homework I was left with to do. Nevertheless, I pressed on and completed my homework. 

    "Hurray!" I exclaimed.

    After I had finished my homework, it was already very late. Only then did I shower. I was so happy that I could finally focus on the task at hand for so long without leaving the seat. I felt so accomplished. I had one thing to thank: my perseverance.

A time when I persevered

      On a Saturday morning, I took out my usual stack of homework given by my teacher for the upcoming major exam, PSLE. I was wondering if it was possible to complete all those worksheets in two days. I persevered on and just did my work. By the evening of that day, I completed all my homework and was proud of myself.

The time I persevered and achieved success

My teacher had suggested that I join this competition sometime in May,2014. As PSLE was not too close yet, I took up the challenge, I did not really know what to write when I first got on the website. As the 60 minutes I had became 45, my mind was still blank. The theme I was given was "build". Finally, I got an idea and typed and typed... I had seen the submitted entries from past years and also the winner's entry. After typing mine and comparing it to the entry by the winner in 2013 and 2012, I felt very discouraged as mine seemed very inferior to the other entries. As the clock ticked down from 45 minutes to 20, I just stared at the screen, contemplating dropping the idea of submitting my entry altogether But then I got a sudden sense of motivation and besides, there seemed to be no harm trying. I submitted my entry and got the good news a few weeks later around June that my entry had been longlisted then shortlisted. They even invited all authors of shortlisted entries to the prize presentation ceremony. They then proceeded to read out the winners, the first(7 and 8-year-olds) and second(9 and 10-year-olds) categories went by in a blur. Then, the MC announced the results of the third category, the category I was in.  To my utmost shock, I actually got runner-up for my category! To be honest, I never actually thought I would make it this far, let alone get runner-up. We were all given a book which, to this day, I still hold very closely to me.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

A time I peservered and was successful

Okto Cup 2
During the December Holidays, me and my friends decided to join the second Okto Cup. We practiced the futsal court near my house and we trained very hard. The competition was as usual, very tough. There were over 600 teams competing for one thing. Victory. At first, we thought that we could not make it to the second round, but with the advice from parents' and teammates, we managed to go to the QUARTER FINALS. We were proud of ourselves as the matches were on consecutive days and we had little rest. But with the motivation of our supporters (parents, friends), we persevered and endured till the end. Although the cup wasn't ours, we were proud of ourselves for being the top eight teams in the competition. And this has been the best memory and the best memory of perseverance and hard work....

A time i persevered.

I was doing my math work, all alone at home on a sunny Sunday,the air was filled the rustling of leaves and the sounds of people carrying out their daily routines jobs, like washing the toilet,dong business with other people,or carrying loads and driving machines in the construction site.What zen, i thought.What peace, what...RING!!! What the...I picked up the phone and it was my friend Bob,somebody that had just ruined my perfect moment of zen and peace."What?""You wanna play War thunder?Just come to my house.I've got some really lovely appetizers just waiting for you in the hall,if you wanna come."Ooh, that was  tempting......NOT.I  realised that i needed to do my homework,and achieve my childhood dream:To finish my work in a staggering 30 minutes.Looking at what i have done for the past 10 minutes, It wasn't much.In fact, i had just finished the first question of my math revision paper. Ha ha. Thus, i turned down the offer, feeling the utmost regret.:( However, i persevered to continue doing my homework,not stopping to think of the lovely cakes and frankfurters waiting in Bob's house.In the end, i succeeded, i had achieved my childhood dream.But, i lost a friend, Bobby Reece.:(

A Time I Persevered And Was Successful

I was primary 4 and I was having my CA2 very soon. I was also in an Intra-School Media Competition and thus had to balance revision, work and staying back to complete my animations. When it was week 6, the exams had arrived and I was almost done with the animation and had to do the finishing touches. Suddenly, my computer crashed and I lost all my files. I would have a thumb drive, but I did not think I would need one as the school's computers were quite safe and I would doubt any viruses would corrupt my files at all. I made a huge mistake. Instead of the files corrupting, the whole computer crashed. I only had 3 weeks left to finish the animation. I saved as many files as possible and redrew everything that I needed to. Week 8, there was still so much to be done. I really wanted to give up. However, with the help of my instructors and my seniors, I persevered and I did it - I succeeded and finished the animation! I ended up winning second in the competition and I was really proud of myself. 

Assignment: A Time I Persevered & Gained Success

There was a time when I persevered in my 800m run during the Track & Field event. I had sprinted my entire first lap and was left panting non-stop as I began my 2nd lap. Despite being first with a huge distance in front of the competitor in 2nd place, I soon found myself competing head-to-head as he gradually caught up with me. 

I was struggling, but I had the mentality to carry on because I did not want to lose the lead. I continued jogging to keep my momentum, and when the time was right, I pushed myself and sprinted away from my close competitor. I dashed towards the finishing line, leaving him chasing my shadows. 

I had won the race. This was all thanks to that fighting spirit I had in me, which urged me to persevere, and in the end, I reaped the fruits of my labour. 

A Time I Persevered And Was Successful

This year, my CCA, Show Choir, decided to participate in the Singapore Youth Festival competition. The CCA only had three months to prepare our performance. For the secondary one students, including me, it was a daunting task as most of us had not participated in the SYF competition before. Thus, we decided to put our heart and soul into practicing so that our performance will be our best effort. Instead of two times a week, our practices increased to three times a week. We all practiced diligently. The secondary ones decided to practice during recess, for at least ten minutes each day. On the day itself, we all strived to perform the best we could. In the end, we achieved a Certificate of Accomplishment. Although it was not the Distinction we were all hoping for, I am still proud of our result.

Friday, 24 April 2015

A Time I Persevered And Was Successful

After the PSLE Exams, my primary school hosted an Inter-Class Games.  I participated in Football which was one of the shortlisted sports. I trained with my 5 men team. We trained everyday at the nearest basketball court. I was playing in the Midfielder position.  In the semi-finals, we got a free kick. I took up the challenge and decided to take the free kick. I took some steps back. The whistle blew and I kicked the ball. It curled into the top left hand corner of the goal. Till this day, I remember the amazing feeling of scoring for my team.

Homework: A Time I Persevered And Was Successful

               A time when I persevered so hard and I achieved my dream

Last time in Primary School, there would be a book sale every May and September of school. That time, I was in Primary 5 and I went to the book sale in May. I was bubbling with excitement and hopped around like a crazy march hare as I was an avid reader. I saw many interesting books, such as Sherlock Homes that I desperately wanted  to buy. However, I soon realised that I did not have enough money. So, I started saving up my pocket money and stopped spending on stationary or sweet drinks or snacks anymore. This caused me much distress and I would groan and felt like falling dead right at that moment when I saw people eating snacks. But, I did not give up. Finally, September came and I had enough money to buy the few books I wanted! I felt as if I could dance my way from Singapore to Rome and back when I received the books from the person running the book sale.