Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Suspense in a book.

The suspenseful book I had read was "The Shapeshifter: Finding The Fox" by Ali Sparkes. The book builds up with intensity with  suspense and distrust with  Principal Patrick Wood and Dax. The most suspenseful part had to be the climax, where the characters Owen, Dax and the antagonist Principal Patrick Wood were fighting in the office. It was an action-packed scene where a trapdoor to a deep abandoned mine was suddenly opened inside the room and Patrick was shoved into it. The suspenseful part came when the antagonist pulled Dax into the trapdoor with him and Owen tried his best to pull Dax right back up.  The scene makes you concerned whether Dax survives the ordeal or whether the antagonist dies. the author portrays Dax as giving up and almost losing consciousness and this causes the reader to scream internally for Dax to survive this.

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