Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Homework on Suspense - Yong E-Shean

Suspense and Anticipation
In a book by Enid Blyton, titled “The Mystery Of The Burnt Cottage”, the plot is about a group of teenagers who set out to solve the mystery of a cottage which was burnt down. The suspense comes at the part when the young detectives go on a walk and find a piece of indiscriminating evidence which points to Mr Hicks as the culprit.  However, the village policeman does not believe them.  The suspense comes at a point when the young detectives do not know who to turn to to tell about this find and leaves the reader wondering what will happen next.  The story also makes the reader concerned about what might happen because if the culprit, Mr Hicks, was allowed to go free even though he had committed the crime, this shows that the law was unjust.  This causes the reader to be concerned because most people would want the law to be fair and just towards all.

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