Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Reciprocal Reading - Group 1

Group Members: Sandra, Nathaniel, Aik Kiat, Fareish and E-Shean

Title of Text: Just What The Doctor Ordered

Summariser: This text is about Dr Seuss's Ideals and Quotes.
Questioner: What were his books about?
Predictor: I predict that this text is about a doctor who manages to find a cure for something.
Clarifier: Who is Dr Seuss?

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Creative Writing 1- The wild woods

The lane lay before him. It was plain grey and the area was so silent that he could hear a pin drop. A shiver started to run up his spine causing the nape of his neck to tingle.This place was shabby, broken down and things falling apart.

His senses were heightened and it was cold out there. Paint splashed onto the red old building. There were eerie sounds. He told himself it was just the wind. When he turned back slightly, he saw a blink of light flashing. It was not a car if it was then he could hear the engine. Oh no! What have he gotten himself into

Then the light flashed, this time brighter and nearer, hitting directly on his eye. He could not see what is going on. Then, he heard a loud bang, it was so loud that the sound could be heard at the end of the street.

He was so terrified that he stood rooted to the ground. His mouth was agape and hands shielding his eyes. He started praying slightly. My whole body was trembling like a leaf.

I ran, that was the only option I could think of. I did not dare look back. Till this day, I do not know what caused that incident.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

The Wild Wood - Creative writing task 1 - Wee Ashley

The park laid before him as light drew less. Lush tall trees were surrounding him. Sheldon had finally finished his tuition and started walking home. The light from his handphone lit up his face. Glancing up briefly, he noticed a pair of eyes which flashed up for an instant. Shaking his head, Sheldon looked back down onto his phone.
Soon, he heard rustling and saw more pairs of eyes surrounding him. He knew this was all fun excitement and told himself cheerfully that he was just imagining things. Suddenly,he heard a faint scream right behind him. More eyes seemed to appear and the park got dimmer and dimmer. He thought he felt someone tapping him and without turning around, he ran, although he knew not where and at last, he took refuge in the deep dark hollow of a beech tree.
When the coast was clear and Sheldon had calmed down, he headed home with the scream still ringing in his ears.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Nathaniel Ting — Creative Writing Task – The Wild Wood

Creative Writing Task — The Wild Wood 

        The street stretched before him. The light from the sky dimmed gradually as he brushed past the bushes that grew along the pavement. The street reeked with evil, causing him to feel uneasy that particular day. Uncertainty flooded his mind.
        Were there really bright, glistening eyes hidden in the bushes? He was unsure. It seemed as though he was hallucinating, yet he felt is was reality on some parts too. He shrugged off his fears and continued his stroll down the street. Roars of thunder were soon audible after a couple moments. He quickened his steps, his heart palpitating faster over time. His eyes began darting around, as if he had just experienced a seizure of sorts!
        The thunder were soon muted out of the blue, creating an eerie silence that threatened him. His back was damp with sweat, as cold, tiny beads of perspiration trickled down his forehead and rolled down his spine. Far in the distance his eyes targeted a quick, unexplainable flash across the trees, leaving the leaves rustling loudly, shattering the silence into a million pieces in the surroundings. A pair of glistening eyes paused and stared at him from the leaves it hid stealthily in. He was unnerved by what he had witnessed.
        He dared not edge closer, yet there was no other route home. He inched cautiously, before he was alerted by something that plummeted off the tree branch, and on to the ground. He yelped in fear, avoiding the being that came at him.
        What was it? He took a quick glance at it, before heaving a deep, dragged sigh of relief.
        What it was, he could not identify in the cold, black darkness. Yet, he now knew that it was of no threat as he carefully listened to the being rush out of sight, frightened. He giggled to himself under his breath, thinking about how much he had acted like a coward a few moments ago.


Creative Writing Task - Wen Xuan

Writing Task
The street lay before Jane. The stone walls ran alongside her, bamboo poles sticking out of the windows of the houses. The shadows laid on Jane with only dim streetlights lighting up the whole street. There are also litters on the floor with turned over rubbish bin that is stationary. This was all thrilling with a little of spookiness added. At the side of Jane's feet, she noticed a bright white light with a circle of brown inside it. She stared at it, for a moment the eyes lighted and one second later it vanished. She stood there wondering what she saw, she taught it was a hallucination. She paced on telling he not to think weird things. Numerous number of eyes appeared on the wall beside her, squeaking sounds were heard. The eyes kept on blinking, and bright white teeth were shown. Jane started to panic, she started from walking, to pacing, to running then to sprinting but the blinking eyes kept on following. Then she spotted her parents car and seek refuge in it. She wished that she had listened to her parents and not to walk out onto the streets. 

The Wild Wood - Edison

    The park lay before her.The light of the day was growing smaller as it was getting dark. The moonlight soon splits its ray as the canopy reflected it around the place. The silence of the night builds up the atmosphere as creeks resounded through the stagnant air.

    Anxiety began to surface…John froze as beads of perspiration trickled down his forehead as he muttered under his breath,”Could it be an animal, ghost or even?” Out of the blue, a sharp ear piercing “shrieked” broke John’s train of thoughts. Fear shivered down his spine as he was immobilised with fear. He consoled himself,” Everything’s alright…” Little did he know the eyes watching him through the night.

    The sound of the ear piercing scream reverberated in the air. His imagination ran wild, along with constant confusion  rumbling in his head. At that moment, he thought he saw something peering over his head. The shock robbed him off speech as he trembled with fear. Dextrously, he took to his heels and ran like his own shadow was chasing him. Overcome by fatigue, John stumbled into to the ground. He should have known never to go to the woods alone in the dark, as he shuffled to the nearest shelter.

Ng KangZhe - Creative writing task

The park lay before him. Trees populated the area, while the ominous dark clouds patched the bright Sun. There, he saw a bench. After a long day at work, he decided to walk to the bench and take a rest. At that point, he was not expecting anything. Just when he sat down, the bench moved slightly. He was shocked at that instant. Jumping ip from the bench, he slowly backed off. Thinking that he was hallucinating because of a long day at work, he dismissed that thought and sat down again. The bench moved again. This time, he jumped up immediately. Imagining things, he ran away, trembling.
Until today, he didn't know that the bench wasn't balanced.

The Wild Wood

The Wild Wood

The park lay before Eddie. It was deep in the night. The trees covered the well-lit moonlight. Eddie started to walk across the pavement, crossing the trees one by one as he held his breath while keeping his fingers crossed. He sensed that there were two eyes following him as he went darker and darker into the park. He halted and stopped his tracks. He looked around him to see a lot of branches strewn over the pavement as leaves cluttered at a corner. But there was no sign of anyone other than him. He was expecting light at the end but it never came. His heart palpitated wildly as drips of sweat flowed down his forehead. Fear started to take over Eddie as fast as his heart was beating. The two eyes, now four, six, eight were multiplying at a rate. He stopped again in his tracks. The park was getting darker and darker until only his eyes and mouth was visible. He knew that he needed to do something, and that something was run. He ran towards the light as it got brighter and brighter. But unfortunately, he tripped over the branches and fell onto the ground when the park started to light up. He laid on the ground as he laughed to himself for scaring himself.

The Wild Wood - Isa

  The park lay before him. Twigs crackled under his feet as he walked home from his violin class. The trees were all swaying from the strong gush of wind. The park had only a few people jogging, giving an eerie feeling. Ben was exhausted after a long day of violin lesson at Dover.
  "Crrk" crackling of leaves was heard nearby. Ben's heart skipped a beat as it occurred. He scanned his surroundings for any threat but found none and continued his journey. Just then, he felt a cold presence after seeing a silhouette. He hastened his pace when he felt something behind him lurking in the shadows. He started to imagine things of which he didn't want to, but the thought of it bugged him too much.
  Then suddenly he felt as though someone was looking at him. He quickly looked back when he thought someone tapped him on the shoulder, but soon realise it was just a dead leaf. He began to walk even faster to end this nightmare. His hands were sweaty, and he fidgeted around, thinking that the mysterious thing had surrounded him.
  A gush of wind came and imagined a voice. He took on his heels. He ran his best and came to his block. He hid behind a pillar and waited for the mysterious figure to disappear.
  As he waited, he wished that he had listened to his mother and not hand around of the mall after lesson.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Wild Woods - Yong E-Shean

            The running track lay before John like a huge Black Hole, except that it was red in colour.  The eerie moonlight shining down on the track made it all the more menacing, sending shivers down John’s spine.  He placed his valuables on one of those cute little plastic chairs meant for spectators, and headed down to the track to start his daily jog.
           On the fifth round around the track, John ran past two majestic apple trees for the fifth time.  However, this time, it occurred to John that there was something strange about the two apple trees.  “Did the trees just move an inch to the right?” John thought, puzzled.  He hoped not.  As he stared stolidly at the trees, he almost thought he heard a muffled cough.  He listened intently, but a second cough never came.  Strange.  Really strange.
           As John cautiously and hesitantly approached the two apple trees, a gust of wind blew.  Being overly reactive, John immediately perceived the gust of wind to be that of a hand touching his shoulder.  With a yelp of fright, he dashed straight towards his two hundred million dollar cobalt blue Porsche.  He took out the car keys from his pocket, opened the car door with desperate and shaky hands, flew into it, and drove off.

           Back at the running track, a blue iPhone 5S and an Ocean Pacific wallet were spotted lying on a plastic chair, patiently waiting for their owner to retrieve them.  Unfortunately, their owner had already driven off in sheer fright and panic, abandoning them.

Done By: Yong E-Shean

The Wild Woods ( Guan Yu )

                 The street lay in front of him. It was filled with cars going at a break-neck speed. Headlights shone brightly like fireflies in a dark forest. The traffic junction was filled with people waiting to get to the other side of the road where the train station was. Jimmy was heading to his best friend Sam's house which was located in the forest behind the station.Jimmy crossed the road and walked into the dark lonely pathway which leads to Sam's house. As Jimmy crossed the eerie pathway, he felt beads of perspiration forming on his forehead. He never believed in ghosts but this was sending chills up his spine. Out of the blue, Jimmy heard a loud familiar sound of twigs snapping. He immediately turned to the source of the sound and saw a shadow bolting past. Jimmy tried listening out for the same sound but all he could hear was the crickets making a lot of noise. He resumed walking, but more silently this time. The same sound reappeared, Jimmy turned around and saw the same figure. By this time, his dace turned pale and he was mumbling to himself. The sound of the twigs snapping became louder and faster until the figure appeared in multiple directions as a gust of wind blew. Jimmy stood rooted to the ground , looking around slowly as a tear rolled down his cheeks, he was lost for words and did not know what to do. Then, the figure came slowly towards him. His eyes widen as the figure came nearer. A squirrel popped out, crossed the path and into the other side of the forest. He heaved a sigh of immense relief as he resumed walking to Sam's house.

The Wild Wood (Dion)

The park lay before him. It was dense, full of trees closely packed together in a suffocating clump. In the morning, it was an energetic, light-drenched, place where people from all walks of life enjoyed, but by night, everything was cold, dead and silent. Even the playground seemed like a monstrous body slumped over.

"Well, the park's the same place in the morning and the night!" He muttered as loud as he dared. " Just... with fewer people... and light...a-and..."

He stopped in his tracks, heart jackhammering against his ribs. In the faint light of a tall, lone lamp post, a long faded shadow grew longer and longer. And it was not his.

A hard knot of doubt started to form at the base of his throat, already beginning to choke him, but just as the doubt began to transform into fear, the shadow vanished. Without a trace.

Suddenly, the whole place emitted a sense of silent hostility. The light suddenly harsh, the shadows curved and sharp. Even the blanket of velvety night sky above was a void of cold darkness.

A creeping panic slowly consumed him, like icy water trickling down his back...

Just then, he happened to stroll straight into a brightly lit path of lamp posts, and he almost let his fears disappear.

Then the first of the shadows crept into view.

Silent, slow, but getting faster, long human-like shapes filling the lighted path, criss-crossing, all dark, all large, all coming from multiple sources.

 The panic, fear and doubt spiralled into a scream that shredded his vocal chords. His legs carried him through the path, through trees that scratched his skin, and dark rolling patches of uneven dirt and grass.

Through dazed mind and fear-filled thoughts, he wished he never walked through the accursed park.

Writing Task 1 Wild Woods

                        The street laid before him. John was waiting for the traffic light, as he stood under the warm yellow glow of the street lamps in the shadowy darkness.The rough asphalt floor scrapped onto his sole as he crossed the street. The trees rattled and the leaves rattled as the cool evening wind blew. A burst of air suddenly blew move pass him, but he told himself it was all his imagination.
                      John walked along and suddenly, he saw two little evil eyes staring at him and as he got closer and closer, a big sinister smile appeared. John ran and ran,  hearing the rustling sound in his ears, feeling that he was followed, but when he turned back the eyes and smile had vanished, it was as if nothing had happened. His heart palpitating, cold droplets of perspiration dripped onto his neck, and cold shivers went down his spine. Then suddenly more eyes popped up and the wind started to blow harder and harder and John started to hear whirling sounds.
                    John ran as fast as his leg could carry, crying every step of the way with his fears drip down onto cold, hard and rough concrete floor,he had no idea where to run to but his legs could carry him no more and stayed at the bus stop till day.
                   He wished he had stayed at home

The Wild Wood Creative Writing

The street lay before him. The night had come and the lamps along the street flickered. Jack shivered and pulled his jacket tighter. He quickened his pace. Every step he took echoed through the street. The lamps cast a looming shadow. The street was empty and he looked around him as he walked. "There's no one here, nothing would happen to me," Jack convinced himself bravely. The cold wind blew at his face. Jack thought he saw a shadow move past him. His head swivelled from side to side as he tried looking for the thing that had cast the shadow. His dark, brown eyes were wide with fear as he walked. His heart palpitated wildly like as if it was trying to burst out of his ribcage. He felt something watching him. He turned around and saw a pair of dark, evil eyes that vanished. He continued walking but the back of his neck prickled with fear. Soft, evil cackles echoed in his mind. Suddenly, from the corner of his eye, he saw the shadow flit past him again. This time, it seemed bigger. The shadow came nearer and nearer as the eyes stared at him with malice. The cackles got louder in his mind. Overcome with panic, he took a step backwards, turned around and bolted from his spot. Blinded with fear, he ran to places he had never seen. He saw the bright light from the convenience store and ran inside. He wished he had listened to his parents when they told him to go home before dark.

The woods ( imagery, narrative writing)

The pavement lay before her, dark and gloomy.The line of trees by the street rustled lightly.A cold breeze blew against her cheeks, tugging ever so slightly on her hair.The forest across the street grew darker and the gloomy sky loomed before her.Slight whispers and strange noises escaped from the thick and dense vegetation.
She was comforted by the thought of reaching home safely and quickly. Picking up her pace, convinced that she would reach home earlier, she was interrupted abruptly by a sharp ear piercing noise travelled from the woods and reverberated through the evening air. A flock of birds flew out of the forest, traumatised. She whipped her head around and there a strange glow was emitted from the heart of the forest. The shadows formed by the glow danced wildly around the thick willows. She was terrified, yet mesmerised by this odd occurrence. Suddenly, from the corner of her eyes, a shadow darted into the forest, followed by the rustling of the leaves.She stood rooted to the spot, a bead of perspiration dripping down her cheeks. And in the spur of the moment she ran, as fast as her legs could carry her. The air surrounding her started getting chillier but she continued running, completely oblivious to the dropping temperatures.
When she finally reached home, she could barely breathe, the cold iron gates of the house suddenly seemed inviting,she quickly entered the gates, fearful that anything that was in the forest had followed her home. She then collapsed into the couch and fell into a deep slumber

The Wild Wood

The street lay before her. The street lights were unnaturally dim and it gave out an aura of mystery. Long shadows were cast and they all seem to be reaching out to grab her. Dark ominous clouds darkened the sky. Thunder rumbled in the distance, intermittently. A bolt of lightning flashed, sending her jumping out of her skin. A gust of wind caressed her raven black hair. Her footsteps quickened and the echoes of every step rung in her ears. Her heart palpitated vigorously against her ribcage. Beads of perspiration dotted her forehead and snowballed down her cheek. She bowed her head down and walked as fast as her legs could carry her. She could have run, but her legs seemed to have turned jelly. Two long shadows enveloped her and she turned quickly. "Who are..." To her amazement, there was not a soul. "It must be my eyes", she mumbled to herself as she crossed the road and turned a corner. She looked up and faced a blank wall. It was a dead end and the darkness of the smelly alley engulfed her. Terror, in an intensity that she had never felt before, filled her. A bolt of lightning flashed and she thought she saw a man's silhouette. Another bolt of lightning flashed, but he was gone! She had never believed in ghosts but now, she had inevitably felt the presence of someone... or something. From the corner of her eye, she saw a light twinkling faintly. She turned around, but it was gone! It must be my eyes, she  convinced herself once again but this time, fear had filled her. The devil's pit seemed to hold her hostage. She tried to turn tail, but her legs seemed to have a mind of their own. She was rooted to the ground. She closed her eyes shut and prayed fervently for her to be safe and sound.
She wished that she had listened to her parents - Never venture onto the streets at midnight.

The wild wood creative writing

The bus stop stood before John. It was silent. The air smelt like wet grass. John took a peek out of the bus stop, only to realise it was raining. John ran to the bus stop to take shelter from the rain. Soon, it became dark. He sat on the seat which was already wet from the heavy downpour. Some cars passed by on the wet ground. It was as if the rain tried to stop John from going hom. John was worried, however, he calmed himself down, telling himself he could make it to the nearby MRT station before the MRT service ended.

It was pitch dark and pouring heavily. The young boy made his way across the pitch dark street. There was not a soul to be seen. Suddenly, he heard a noise coming from a nearby bush. He turned around, but there was nothing at all. John then heard some noises which sounded like footsteps. He turned his attention to it, but it was gone. Vanished. John quickly rushed to the nearest shelter, away from the noises. He told himself not to begin imagining things. As he walked he heard the haunting sound which devastated him. He was in a complete mess. He was afraid and alone. Then suddenly it seemed like every dark area had a pair of eyes looking at him. The noises also got louder, louder and louder. Street lamps, which was his only source of light, started to flicker. He started to sweat even though the air was cooler than usual. The area also seemed to get darker.

John was in a complete state of shock, he took off as fast as his legs could go. Away. Far, far away. Away from the evil sounds which lurked in the dark. John, not knowing where he was, just ran. He ended up in another MRT station not far away.

John did not know what to do. He was lost, alone, and he did not have anything.

Amirul Creative Writing

The park lay before him. As he started walking, trees hovered him. Only the streetlights illuminate the dark park. Up in the branches, he saw glowing eyes staring at him. He decided to turn away but when he looked back, it was all gone. He decided to make a dash for the exit, but out of the blue, a cat appeared in front of him which made him jump. He started telling himself not to worry but to find a way to get out of the park. Then, as he was about to continue walking, the trees started swaying from left to right non-stop, leaving leaves all over the ground. Then, he made a beeline to what-he-thought was an exit. As he approached it, he realised it was a dead end. At that point in time, he went to his knees and tears started dripping down his cheeks. Only now did he realise that he should have listen to his parents' advice.

Bervin The Wild Wood

           The park lay before him as he was strolling pleasantly through the park. Most moist grass were trampled on as he ran over them in joy. The leaves were shivering like pieces of paper the cool wind blew them. Branches were swaying from side to side as little creatures hid in the barks of the trees from time to time. He was feeling an upbeat of joy. Suddenly, a small creature scurried by. The boy turned around in fight as curiosity overwhelmed him. Then, there was a sudden rumbling coming from the deep, dark forest. A pair of menacing glowing eyes gazed at him for a moment and vanished. His legs were trembling at the moment. Then, he looked back but saw another pair of sinister looking eyes again. Now, the leaves around him rustled. He ran aimlessly as a leaf landed on his shoulder. His heart was pounding heavily like a hammer hitting the ground. He took refuge in a near-by hut. He knew his friends were right about the haunted park. He swore he would never ever come here again no matter what.

Short Paragraph 1 (The Wild Wood)

The street lay before her. The moon was unnaturally bright, the buildings casted long shadows on the street. The streetlight was dimly lit, bare illuminating the path. Home is just two streets away, besides, there's is nobody else on this street other than you. Lisa told herself, but it just sounded like she was trying to convince herself. Suddenly, Lisa froze. Was it simply her imagination, or did she hear a scratch almost like a claw scratching against walls? Wait— were those lights ahead eyes? However, in a blink of an eye, they disappear.

I must stop hallucinating, or it will never end. Lisa told herself firmly. Her skin prickled— she felt like the whole street was watching her every move. Goosebumps appeared. Lisa almost screamed when she saw a shadow on a building— a shadow that was not hers.

"Whoever that is-s," Lisa called, stuttering. "Go away! I'm not scared of you!" Suddenly, those orbs of light reappeared. There were four now. Flickering in the darkness, they seemed to me coming closer and closer. Against the dimly lit street, those eyes seemed to be glowing.

Lisa screamed in terror and tore down the street, away from those eyes. Then she heard the creature call behind her, the cry loud and piercing. She stopped short at the familiar sound, her eyes widening in disbelief at the creature.


Short paragraph 1, (The Wild wood)

    The alleyway laid like a carpet before him. Rubbish cluttered the narrow opening of it, filling the place with a horrible pungent. This smell was delicious to some scavenging animals and attracted many. A lone white mouse standing upright on two legs, looking inquisitively into the alleyway with its black beady eyes, sniffing the air hungrily was one of them. His name was Klaus and he was out on a mission. Not long ago, he and his family were chased out of their very comfortable home in a rich Minister's house by his cat and young maid. Now, they were living in a hole of the dirty sewers with absolutely no food. For a family who lived in luxury, it was too much to bear. Now, Klaus was out to look for food and it seemed he had. The tall walls towered high up, looming over the tiny creature as shadows flickered throughout the alley as other night prowlers scavenged for food. He felt his blood rushing through him at top speed. What was garbage to us was food for them, food enough to fill his and his family's hungry bellies. His heart swelled with pride and got onto his fours, lunging forward with a dramatic lunge, leaving behind the bright street and entering the dark, unforgiving alleyway. His paws tapped on the concrete floor lightly, and a ringing sound could be heard faintly. Lifting his nose, he quickly identified where there was food with his acute sense of smell. Twitching in excitement, he positioned himself to leap into a large green metal can where he had identified some old cheese and rotten bread. However, he picked up a faint yet distinct sound of soft footsteps. Swiftly yet silently, he disappeared behind the can. His small heart beat furiously on his chest as he took short and quick breaths. He peeked out of the alleyway through his bead-like eyes. 'Nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong,' he thought to himself. But deep down he knew he could not trick himself. Never had he been afraid of the dark or of small noises or shadows, not even when he was just a few weeks old. But that incident had taken away all his courage. He took a deep breath and tip-toed out from behind the can. All of a sudden, a long, long, shadow stretched over his body. He could take it no more, he leapt high up and crashed down into the garbage bin. The bin wobbled under the sudden intrusion and then finally, crashed! Klaus huddled up inside a soup can, shivering worriedly, in a massive state if shock. Then through the deadly silence that had ensued the crash, a small, sweet voice rang out,"Dad? Are you there?" Klaus recognised it as his daughter, Daisy's voice. Just then, he distinctly remembered his wife saying that they would go after hime but due to his excitement, it had totally slipped his mind.