Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Amirul Creative Writing

The park lay before him. As he started walking, trees hovered him. Only the streetlights illuminate the dark park. Up in the branches, he saw glowing eyes staring at him. He decided to turn away but when he looked back, it was all gone. He decided to make a dash for the exit, but out of the blue, a cat appeared in front of him which made him jump. He started telling himself not to worry but to find a way to get out of the park. Then, as he was about to continue walking, the trees started swaying from left to right non-stop, leaving leaves all over the ground. Then, he made a beeline to what-he-thought was an exit. As he approached it, he realised it was a dead end. At that point in time, he went to his knees and tears started dripping down his cheeks. Only now did he realise that he should have listen to his parents' advice.

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