Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Creative Writing Task - Wen Xuan

Writing Task
The street lay before Jane. The stone walls ran alongside her, bamboo poles sticking out of the windows of the houses. The shadows laid on Jane with only dim streetlights lighting up the whole street. There are also litters on the floor with turned over rubbish bin that is stationary. This was all thrilling with a little of spookiness added. At the side of Jane's feet, she noticed a bright white light with a circle of brown inside it. She stared at it, for a moment the eyes lighted and one second later it vanished. She stood there wondering what she saw, she taught it was a hallucination. She paced on telling he not to think weird things. Numerous number of eyes appeared on the wall beside her, squeaking sounds were heard. The eyes kept on blinking, and bright white teeth were shown. Jane started to panic, she started from walking, to pacing, to running then to sprinting but the blinking eyes kept on following. Then she spotted her parents car and seek refuge in it. She wished that she had listened to her parents and not to walk out onto the streets. 

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