Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The Wild Woods - Yong E-Shean

            The running track lay before John like a huge Black Hole, except that it was red in colour.  The eerie moonlight shining down on the track made it all the more menacing, sending shivers down John’s spine.  He placed his valuables on one of those cute little plastic chairs meant for spectators, and headed down to the track to start his daily jog.
           On the fifth round around the track, John ran past two majestic apple trees for the fifth time.  However, this time, it occurred to John that there was something strange about the two apple trees.  “Did the trees just move an inch to the right?” John thought, puzzled.  He hoped not.  As he stared stolidly at the trees, he almost thought he heard a muffled cough.  He listened intently, but a second cough never came.  Strange.  Really strange.
           As John cautiously and hesitantly approached the two apple trees, a gust of wind blew.  Being overly reactive, John immediately perceived the gust of wind to be that of a hand touching his shoulder.  With a yelp of fright, he dashed straight towards his two hundred million dollar cobalt blue Porsche.  He took out the car keys from his pocket, opened the car door with desperate and shaky hands, flew into it, and drove off.

           Back at the running track, a blue iPhone 5S and an Ocean Pacific wallet were spotted lying on a plastic chair, patiently waiting for their owner to retrieve them.  Unfortunately, their owner had already driven off in sheer fright and panic, abandoning them.

Done By: Yong E-Shean

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