Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Bervin The Wild Wood

           The park lay before him as he was strolling pleasantly through the park. Most moist grass were trampled on as he ran over them in joy. The leaves were shivering like pieces of paper the cool wind blew them. Branches were swaying from side to side as little creatures hid in the barks of the trees from time to time. He was feeling an upbeat of joy. Suddenly, a small creature scurried by. The boy turned around in fight as curiosity overwhelmed him. Then, there was a sudden rumbling coming from the deep, dark forest. A pair of menacing glowing eyes gazed at him for a moment and vanished. His legs were trembling at the moment. Then, he looked back but saw another pair of sinister looking eyes again. Now, the leaves around him rustled. He ran aimlessly as a leaf landed on his shoulder. His heart was pounding heavily like a hammer hitting the ground. He took refuge in a near-by hut. He knew his friends were right about the haunted park. He swore he would never ever come here again no matter what.

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