Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The Wild Wood - Edison

    The park lay before her.The light of the day was growing smaller as it was getting dark. The moonlight soon splits its ray as the canopy reflected it around the place. The silence of the night builds up the atmosphere as creeks resounded through the stagnant air.

    Anxiety began to surface…John froze as beads of perspiration trickled down his forehead as he muttered under his breath,”Could it be an animal, ghost or even?” Out of the blue, a sharp ear piercing “shrieked” broke John’s train of thoughts. Fear shivered down his spine as he was immobilised with fear. He consoled himself,” Everything’s alright…” Little did he know the eyes watching him through the night.

    The sound of the ear piercing scream reverberated in the air. His imagination ran wild, along with constant confusion  rumbling in his head. At that moment, he thought he saw something peering over his head. The shock robbed him off speech as he trembled with fear. Dextrously, he took to his heels and ran like his own shadow was chasing him. Overcome by fatigue, John stumbled into to the ground. He should have known never to go to the woods alone in the dark, as he shuffled to the nearest shelter.

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