Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Short paragraph 1, (The Wild wood)

    The alleyway laid like a carpet before him. Rubbish cluttered the narrow opening of it, filling the place with a horrible pungent. This smell was delicious to some scavenging animals and attracted many. A lone white mouse standing upright on two legs, looking inquisitively into the alleyway with its black beady eyes, sniffing the air hungrily was one of them. His name was Klaus and he was out on a mission. Not long ago, he and his family were chased out of their very comfortable home in a rich Minister's house by his cat and young maid. Now, they were living in a hole of the dirty sewers with absolutely no food. For a family who lived in luxury, it was too much to bear. Now, Klaus was out to look for food and it seemed he had. The tall walls towered high up, looming over the tiny creature as shadows flickered throughout the alley as other night prowlers scavenged for food. He felt his blood rushing through him at top speed. What was garbage to us was food for them, food enough to fill his and his family's hungry bellies. His heart swelled with pride and got onto his fours, lunging forward with a dramatic lunge, leaving behind the bright street and entering the dark, unforgiving alleyway. His paws tapped on the concrete floor lightly, and a ringing sound could be heard faintly. Lifting his nose, he quickly identified where there was food with his acute sense of smell. Twitching in excitement, he positioned himself to leap into a large green metal can where he had identified some old cheese and rotten bread. However, he picked up a faint yet distinct sound of soft footsteps. Swiftly yet silently, he disappeared behind the can. His small heart beat furiously on his chest as he took short and quick breaths. He peeked out of the alleyway through his bead-like eyes. 'Nothing's wrong, nothing's wrong,' he thought to himself. But deep down he knew he could not trick himself. Never had he been afraid of the dark or of small noises or shadows, not even when he was just a few weeks old. But that incident had taken away all his courage. He took a deep breath and tip-toed out from behind the can. All of a sudden, a long, long, shadow stretched over his body. He could take it no more, he leapt high up and crashed down into the garbage bin. The bin wobbled under the sudden intrusion and then finally, crashed! Klaus huddled up inside a soup can, shivering worriedly, in a massive state if shock. Then through the deadly silence that had ensued the crash, a small, sweet voice rang out,"Dad? Are you there?" Klaus recognised it as his daughter, Daisy's voice. Just then, he distinctly remembered his wife saying that they would go after hime but due to his excitement, it had totally slipped his mind.

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