Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Writing Task 1 Wild Woods

                        The street laid before him. John was waiting for the traffic light, as he stood under the warm yellow glow of the street lamps in the shadowy darkness.The rough asphalt floor scrapped onto his sole as he crossed the street. The trees rattled and the leaves rattled as the cool evening wind blew. A burst of air suddenly blew move pass him, but he told himself it was all his imagination.
                      John walked along and suddenly, he saw two little evil eyes staring at him and as he got closer and closer, a big sinister smile appeared. John ran and ran,  hearing the rustling sound in his ears, feeling that he was followed, but when he turned back the eyes and smile had vanished, it was as if nothing had happened. His heart palpitating, cold droplets of perspiration dripped onto his neck, and cold shivers went down his spine. Then suddenly more eyes popped up and the wind started to blow harder and harder and John started to hear whirling sounds.
                    John ran as fast as his leg could carry, crying every step of the way with his fears drip down onto cold, hard and rough concrete floor,he had no idea where to run to but his legs could carry him no more and stayed at the bus stop till day.
                   He wished he had stayed at home

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