Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The Wild Wood - Isa

  The park lay before him. Twigs crackled under his feet as he walked home from his violin class. The trees were all swaying from the strong gush of wind. The park had only a few people jogging, giving an eerie feeling. Ben was exhausted after a long day of violin lesson at Dover.
  "Crrk" crackling of leaves was heard nearby. Ben's heart skipped a beat as it occurred. He scanned his surroundings for any threat but found none and continued his journey. Just then, he felt a cold presence after seeing a silhouette. He hastened his pace when he felt something behind him lurking in the shadows. He started to imagine things of which he didn't want to, but the thought of it bugged him too much.
  Then suddenly he felt as though someone was looking at him. He quickly looked back when he thought someone tapped him on the shoulder, but soon realise it was just a dead leaf. He began to walk even faster to end this nightmare. His hands were sweaty, and he fidgeted around, thinking that the mysterious thing had surrounded him.
  A gush of wind came and imagined a voice. He took on his heels. He ran his best and came to his block. He hid behind a pillar and waited for the mysterious figure to disappear.
  As he waited, he wished that he had listened to his mother and not hand around of the mall after lesson.

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