Tuesday, 7 July 2015

The wild wood creative writing

The bus stop stood before John. It was silent. The air smelt like wet grass. John took a peek out of the bus stop, only to realise it was raining. John ran to the bus stop to take shelter from the rain. Soon, it became dark. He sat on the seat which was already wet from the heavy downpour. Some cars passed by on the wet ground. It was as if the rain tried to stop John from going hom. John was worried, however, he calmed himself down, telling himself he could make it to the nearby MRT station before the MRT service ended.

It was pitch dark and pouring heavily. The young boy made his way across the pitch dark street. There was not a soul to be seen. Suddenly, he heard a noise coming from a nearby bush. He turned around, but there was nothing at all. John then heard some noises which sounded like footsteps. He turned his attention to it, but it was gone. Vanished. John quickly rushed to the nearest shelter, away from the noises. He told himself not to begin imagining things. As he walked he heard the haunting sound which devastated him. He was in a complete mess. He was afraid and alone. Then suddenly it seemed like every dark area had a pair of eyes looking at him. The noises also got louder, louder and louder. Street lamps, which was his only source of light, started to flicker. He started to sweat even though the air was cooler than usual. The area also seemed to get darker.

John was in a complete state of shock, he took off as fast as his legs could go. Away. Far, far away. Away from the evil sounds which lurked in the dark. John, not knowing where he was, just ran. He ended up in another MRT station not far away.

John did not know what to do. He was lost, alone, and he did not have anything.

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