Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Nathaniel Ting — Creative Writing Task – The Wild Wood

Creative Writing Task — The Wild Wood 

        The street stretched before him. The light from the sky dimmed gradually as he brushed past the bushes that grew along the pavement. The street reeked with evil, causing him to feel uneasy that particular day. Uncertainty flooded his mind.
        Were there really bright, glistening eyes hidden in the bushes? He was unsure. It seemed as though he was hallucinating, yet he felt is was reality on some parts too. He shrugged off his fears and continued his stroll down the street. Roars of thunder were soon audible after a couple moments. He quickened his steps, his heart palpitating faster over time. His eyes began darting around, as if he had just experienced a seizure of sorts!
        The thunder were soon muted out of the blue, creating an eerie silence that threatened him. His back was damp with sweat, as cold, tiny beads of perspiration trickled down his forehead and rolled down his spine. Far in the distance his eyes targeted a quick, unexplainable flash across the trees, leaving the leaves rustling loudly, shattering the silence into a million pieces in the surroundings. A pair of glistening eyes paused and stared at him from the leaves it hid stealthily in. He was unnerved by what he had witnessed.
        He dared not edge closer, yet there was no other route home. He inched cautiously, before he was alerted by something that plummeted off the tree branch, and on to the ground. He yelped in fear, avoiding the being that came at him.
        What was it? He took a quick glance at it, before heaving a deep, dragged sigh of relief.
        What it was, he could not identify in the cold, black darkness. Yet, he now knew that it was of no threat as he carefully listened to the being rush out of sight, frightened. He giggled to himself under his breath, thinking about how much he had acted like a coward a few moments ago.


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