Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Nadia Begum Nainish

          6-Nadia Begum Nainish

True Me Poem
My real name is Nadia.
A name I wish to be called is Nadia because I love my name.
The animal that’s inside of me is a cat because I love the relax and enjoy life.(Although that is not the case)
The object that’s inside my heart is my family because I love them and they are the one who supports me.
The word on my forehead is happiness because I love being happy.(I also like the song)
The sound that I love is music because it calms me down.
The smell that I love is the sweet smelling flowers because I like the fragrance.
My favourite time of day is 9pm because it is bed time.

My parents always say to me, “Finish up your homework first”.

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