Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Nathaniel Ting - 'True Me' Poem

Nathaniel Ting 

My real name is Nathaniel. A name I wish to be called a sports fanatic because I am an avid Manchester United fan.
The animal that’s inside of me is a cat, because I’m really inquisitive.
The object that’s inside of me is a CD album, because I also enjoy listening to various genres of music.
The word on my forehead is daring, due to the inspirations I received from the catchy Nike slogan, ‘Just Do It’.
The sound that I love is hearing some good music in the morning on my way to school to kickstart a new day.
The smell that I love is the aroma produced when it rains because it cannot be put to words how good it smells.
My favourite time of the day is 7.30pm, because I will have dinner and enjoy my Mum’s cooking.
My parents always says to me, “Discover what you love doing, and pursue your dreams.”

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