Sunday, 18 January 2015

Yong E-Shean - Poetic Devices

My Poems

She touched her toes
With a wonderful pose
A ballet she was
Of all the best
By Yong E-Shean
A lonely train
Travelled in the rain
With all but vain
For it was soaked to the drain
By Yong E-Shean
A great ballet was she
With a pretty face had she
In a rose-coloured dress was she
Ah, how I wish she was my date
By Yong E-Shean
He said that it was long
But he was wrong
He said that it was strong
But it was not in the least strong
By Yong E-Shean
She swung the school sack on her back
And took the bumpy slow coach towards school
Swish-splash, swish-splash, her school sack went
So like the filled bottles in her sack
By Yong E-Shean
Sandy Susan and her sister Sandy Sue went to the seaside in their swimming costumes.  They swam and splashed and spotting several seashells on the sea bed, dived down to collect the seashells.  Swish-splash, Swish-splash they went until the seashells were all in Sandy Susan’s hands.
By Yong E-Shean
The Sun rose up
She spread her sun rays
Upon the small suburb below
Waking people from their sleep
By Yong E-Shean
As hungry as a giant she was
The restaurant was packed with people
She waited as patiently as a lion
But the next second she was roaring like a drill
How people stared at her
With eyes as big as footballs
And sheer terror running through their minds
How they scuttled
As fast as blowing wind
And at last she got a seat
Served by a timid waiter
By Yong E-Shean
I slipped and fell off the mountain
I plunge down at the speed of light
I scream so loudly that all the birds flying in the sky drop dead
I land with a thud so hard and loud that I cause a mini Earthquake
And the thud can be heard from the opposite side of the world
By Yong E-Shean
The poor table tried to stay still
While the child used him
The child kicked the table and he winced in pain
The child placed her heavy school bag on him
And he strained to carry the weight
He thought it would soon be over but he was wrong
The child was staying back in the classroom
And so he would have to wait
When everyone had finally left
He sighed in relief and stretched his legs
“Ah, what a poor life I have”
He thought as he prepared himself for the next day of school
By Yong E-Shean
I was two when lightning struck
So electrifying and strong was the lightning
That I completely failed to pick myself up
So devastating was the lightning that it left me in pain
For the rest of my unfortunate and miserable life
By Yong E-Shean
The roses bloomed after the dark days ended
The time for a new beginning
Where new friendships are forged
And dark pasts are forgotten
By Yong E-Shean
A snake she was
So cunning and deceiving
One second a sweet girl
The next a hairy beast
By Yong E-Shean
A bolster he was
Full of warmth and care
Filled with sunshine and roses
Which spread like sun rays
By Yong E-Shean
So crystal clear the sea was
So that you could see the corals
And the beautiful shoals of fish in the water
So pure the water was
So that you could see dolphins swimming here and there
Just beneath your feet
Ah, how mesmerizing the sea is
By Yong E-Shean
Free verse
I stand in the MRT
Waiting to reach my stop
I can’t wait for school
Because my friends are there
And of course there are also
The extra humourous teachers
By Yong E-Shean
They are like Pooh and Piglet
The best of friends
Together through thick and thin
Always there for one another
How I wish I had such a friend
By Yong E-Shean
The school bell goes
Bong! Bong! Bong!
The students go
Scatter! Scatter! Scatter!
To their seats
As the teachers go
Click! Clack! Click! Clack!
To the classrooms
Where the students are waiting for them
By Yong E-Shean
Dum! Dum! Diddy Dum!
Went the drums
Clang! Clang! Clang Clang Clang!
Went the cymbals
Squeak! Squeak! Squ-e-a-k!
Went the violins
Ah, what nice music
No wonder people are rushing
To the site of the performance
By Yong E-Shean

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