Wednesday, 14 January 2015

True me poem

My real name is Peihan
A name I wish to be called is zoe nightshade because she’s a huntress of Artemis and im obsessed with Greek gods especially Artemis.
The animal that’s inside of me is a whale because I love whales.
The object that’s inside my heart is ice skates because I love ice skating?
The word on my forehead is peace because can you imagine with  peace?
The sound that I love is LOUD music mainly because it helps relieve stress and its relaxing
The smell that I love is mint  because its refreshing and fresh.
My favourite time of day is at night  because i have deep thoughts during that time
My always says to me, “enjoy your life while you still can and don’t worry about the distant future”

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  1. Hi, Peihan!!! You left out a word. My____ always says to me....