Monday, 27 April 2015

A time I persevered and was successful (Revised Edition)

I remembered that I persevered with the workload and revision which I had to complete during my primary school graduation year.  For a couple of months, I was tired mentally and physically and tried very hard to cope with the increasing stress. Everyday my brain would be filled with stress. I felt that I was draining out lots of energy everyday. Since I had that level of commitment and of which my greatest desire which was  to ensure that my parents were proud of me, I worked twice as hard in the upcoming weeks. The day before the first PSLE paper (English Language), I mustered enough energy to go through my whole English file till about 10p.m. That was what I did for the rest of the papers.  Then, finally, on the PSLE results day, I was announced as one of the top and now I have realised that the quote," hard work will pay off" is really true. That was the time I persevered and was successful where there were fruitful rewards.

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