Saturday, 25 April 2015

Assignment: A Time I Persevered & Gained Success

There was a time when I persevered in my 800m run during the Track & Field event. I had sprinted my entire first lap and was left panting non-stop as I began my 2nd lap. Despite being first with a huge distance in front of the competitor in 2nd place, I soon found myself competing head-to-head as he gradually caught up with me. 

I was struggling, but I had the mentality to carry on because I did not want to lose the lead. I continued jogging to keep my momentum, and when the time was right, I pushed myself and sprinted away from my close competitor. I dashed towards the finishing line, leaving him chasing my shadows. 

I had won the race. This was all thanks to that fighting spirit I had in me, which urged me to persevere, and in the end, I reaped the fruits of my labour. 

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