Saturday, 25 April 2015

A time i persevered.

I was doing my math work, all alone at home on a sunny Sunday,the air was filled the rustling of leaves and the sounds of people carrying out their daily routines jobs, like washing the toilet,dong business with other people,or carrying loads and driving machines in the construction site.What zen, i thought.What peace, what...RING!!! What the...I picked up the phone and it was my friend Bob,somebody that had just ruined my perfect moment of zen and peace."What?""You wanna play War thunder?Just come to my house.I've got some really lovely appetizers just waiting for you in the hall,if you wanna come."Ooh, that was  tempting......NOT.I  realised that i needed to do my homework,and achieve my childhood dream:To finish my work in a staggering 30 minutes.Looking at what i have done for the past 10 minutes, It wasn't much.In fact, i had just finished the first question of my math revision paper. Ha ha. Thus, i turned down the offer, feeling the utmost regret.:( However, i persevered to continue doing my homework,not stopping to think of the lovely cakes and frankfurters waiting in Bob's house.In the end, i succeeded, i had achieved my childhood dream.But, i lost a friend, Bobby Reece.:(

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