Sunday, 26 April 2015

A time when I persevered and was successful.

    I stared at the stack of Mathematics Revision Worksheets. I just could not bring myself to pick up the pen on the table and start writing on the worksheets. My mind was blank and I could not even bare to look at the numbers on the worksheets. Every time I look at the numbers on the worksheet, I went dizzy. Just then, my brothers said they were going out to play football. I thought: If I cannot concentrate and focus on the task at hand, why not join them? I might come back with a different state of mind, a better one.

    "Wait up!" I shouted as I race up the stairs and donned my sportswear in a flash.

    I wore my shoes with unparalleled speed and pick up the ball on the ground. I saw my brothers outside the door waiting for me.

    "Let's go!" I exclaimed in excitement as I dribbled in ball past them.

    We had a whale of a time just playing downstairs at the court. After I came back, I sat down at the dining table and started doing the Mathematics Revision Worksheets with a different state of mind: just finish this stack of worksheets and go to school happily tomorrow! I never left my seat, never looked up and persevered at doing the worksheets. After doing many worksheets, I flipped through the stack of worksheets only to find the mountain of sheets of homework I was left with to do. Nevertheless, I pressed on and completed my homework. 

    "Hurray!" I exclaimed.

    After I had finished my homework, it was already very late. Only then did I shower. I was so happy that I could finally focus on the task at hand for so long without leaving the seat. I felt so accomplished. I had one thing to thank: my perseverance.

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