Saturday, 25 April 2015

A time I peservered and was successful

Okto Cup 2
During the December Holidays, me and my friends decided to join the second Okto Cup. We practiced the futsal court near my house and we trained very hard. The competition was as usual, very tough. There were over 600 teams competing for one thing. Victory. At first, we thought that we could not make it to the second round, but with the advice from parents' and teammates, we managed to go to the QUARTER FINALS. We were proud of ourselves as the matches were on consecutive days and we had little rest. But with the motivation of our supporters (parents, friends), we persevered and endured till the end. Although the cup wasn't ours, we were proud of ourselves for being the top eight teams in the competition. And this has been the best memory and the best memory of perseverance and hard work....

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