Sunday, 26 April 2015

A time I persevered and was successful.

At the end of my P6 year,  my school told the entire Primary 6 cohort that we were going to do a fund-raising fair! The money made would go to TOUCH services as well as St Luke's Eldercare Centre, along with several other organisations. My friends and I grouped up immediately and started thinking of some things we could do and we ended up doing Perler bead crafts. So, every day after school, we would work on the thousands of multicoloured beads, and painstakingly drop them into shapes. Afterwards, our eyes would feel like they were going to explode and our hands would feel like numb, useless balloons.

In the end, we amassed hundreds of crafts for the fair. We were confident of dominating the sales of crafts. Upon  decorating our booth, completing it with banners and displays, stocked with our designs, we came across some terrible news, we had lost a quarter of our crafts! We only had about three days to come up with enough crafts to account for our missing ones. Furthermore, one group member had gone on holiday.

In the end, we persevered and kept making so many crafts that we managed to account for the missing crafts! On the actual day, the painstakingly made crafts were sold out within a few hours. I came up with a last minute "We Are Sold Out" sign as the four of us reveled in our business, bathing in success, passing about a hundred dollars of coupons to our teacher, to her shock and surprise that we actually earned so much money. Here is an example of a design that we based of for a couple of our crafts:

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