Sunday, 26 April 2015

A time I persevered and was successful

During the Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging period, my CCA teacher told us that only those who practised hard and could dance properly would be selected to participate in the SYF. As I was only a P4 pupil at that time, I wanted to be part of the team that goes for SYF as it would be the first competition that I participated in. My CCA teacher was not going to pick everybody to participate in the SYF. My friends and I were very nervous as we wanted to be selected so badly. We trained a lot ever since the teacher made the announcement. During recess time, we would take at least ten minutes to practise the dance steps. During our CCA training, when our instructor gave us breaks, we would just take a few sips of water and continue practising. Due to our hard work, we finally bared the fruits of our labour. We were selected to be part of the SYF team! Even after we were selected, we never stopped training. Instead of having CCA practice once a week every Monday, we had practice on Wednesday too, making our practices twice a week. All of the dancers persevered and on the day of our SYF performance, we gave our best and put in all of our efforts. A few weeks later, we received our results, we had achieved a Silver for our performance! Although we did not achieve our target of Gold with Honours, we were happy that we at least managed to maintain the Silver achieved from the previous years.

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