Sunday, 26 April 2015

A time when I persevered and succeeded

Perfecting  my Waltz Jumps

A few months ago, I started figure skating and it was really tough. I didn't immediately become good at it. However, during the few months, I met some amazing people (some of them not in the picture) who guided me through my skating journey.
They taught me how to do some difficult manoeuvres on ice, such as a three turn ad backward crossovers. However, there was an especially difficult move called the Waltz Jump that was extremely difficult to carry out. Almost every time I tried to jump. I would always fall and it was extremely frustrating as I always ended up with bruises and cuts after falling.  No matter how hard I tried to stop falling, I couldn't seem to land properly. After a month of hard work, determination and friends who guided me and helped me up when I fell and supported me (literally) I finally managed to land properly. The first time I carried out a successful waltz jump, my legs ached so much from an hour of skating and my ankle wanted to turn, however, this time, I actually managed to land it properly. 
It felt amazing to finally be able to carry out a Waltz jump, it might not seem much, but perfecting my waltz jump also encouraged me to put more effort into my skating and persevere.

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