Saturday, 25 April 2015

A Time I Persevered And Was Successful

This year, my CCA, Show Choir, decided to participate in the Singapore Youth Festival competition. The CCA only had three months to prepare our performance. For the secondary one students, including me, it was a daunting task as most of us had not participated in the SYF competition before. Thus, we decided to put our heart and soul into practicing so that our performance will be our best effort. Instead of two times a week, our practices increased to three times a week. We all practiced diligently. The secondary ones decided to practice during recess, for at least ten minutes each day. On the day itself, we all strived to perform the best we could. In the end, we achieved a Certificate of Accomplishment. Although it was not the Distinction we were all hoping for, I am still proud of our result.

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